Philip Granqvist Mastering

I'm a friendly guy - if you have any questions please contact me.


Usually 60 euro / song*. That includes versions for digital distribution, DDP for CD, and versions prepared for vinyl cutting. No extra charge for revisions, customer satisfaction is my priority. (*Please contact me for an exact quote, VAT (25%) not included (No VAT for customers outside EU or customers within EU with a valid VAT-number))


Bank Transfer, PayPal and most Crypto. No payment up front - I'll send an invoice when the master is approved.


Usually within a week.

How to order:

Send me a link to the songs or use a file transfer service such as If the song order is set, please include this as well. Let me know what formats you need.

Preparing the song for mastering:

Please remove any processors from the mix bus, unless they are crucial for the sound. Always remove brick-wall limiters from the mix bus. Leave some headroom so the mix doesn't clip. Export the song in 24 or 32 bits. Use the same sample rate as used when mixing.